b) Virtualization

Created Wednesday 03 July 2019

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is an easy way to get better use from the hardware components. In a typical environment, each physical server will have resources that remain unused. For example, a server that only hosts web pages will be underused when requests are low. The hardware is still operating but essentially on standby until the next request comes in. By hosting two or more virtual servers within one physical server, the unused wait time the hardware has can be spread across different functions. For example, while a server is waiting for a new web request to come in, it could use the quiet time to index a database. The downside to this is if you have a heavily used virtual server, such as a database server that does a lot of processing, it can hinder the other virtual servers performance by hogging the physical resources. This isn't something that you will probably need to deal with since our requirements are so low.

VMWare server

VMWAre server is a piece of software that can contain and simulate physical components.

Downloading ISO Disk Images

Running Virtual Servers