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Full Stack Software Systems Engineer, Administrator, and Full Stack Developer

Innovative software engineer with 20 years progressive technical experience and proven commitment to company and project visions. Collaborate remotely with multi-discipline team to design, develop, document and maintain architectures, requirements, interfaces, and designs for software systems. Professional software trainer, that loves to share knowledge, breaking down complex tasks into manageable, easily understood information. Continual learner of new technologies.

  • Software Troubleshooting & Debugging
  • Network and Server Installation & Configuration
  • Beowulf & Hadoop Clusters
  • MBTI-INTJ-Independent, Original, Quick, Organized
  • Problem Solving & Data Analytics
  • Network Troubleshooting & Hardware Knowledge
  • Software Project Management
  • Design & Build Databases

Technical Expertise

Operating Systems

  • Windows, Linux, AIX, micro-controllers (Arduino, Rasbberry PI), Embedded Systems
  • Comfortable with Command Line Interface, including Apt and RPM based software installation


  • Installing server hardware including networking and cabling and operating systems
  • Networking, routers, Network Attached Storage.
  • Desktop PC, build and repair, including water cooling

Software Development

  • ITSM, SCRUM, DevOps, Agile, Installing and configuring server-side and client-side applications

Scripting Language

  • Windows Batch, Linux Bash Shell, Power Shell

Programming Languages

  • Lotus Script, Visual Basic, Java, COBOL, FORTRAN, LISP, JavaScript, Assembly, PHP, HTML, CSS

Database Design & Use

  • Lotus Notes / Domino Database, MySQL/Maria DB, DB2, SQL, Oracle, LEI (Lotus Enterprise Integrator)

Source Code Control and Deployment

  • Teamstudio, Tools, Git (GitHub), SVN, Jenkins, ChangeMan ZMF, Serena Dimensions

Professional Experience

Navy Federal Credit Union

Twenty year history, promoted through a series of increasingly responsible positions based on performance, a willingness to grow, improve, expand knowledge, share information, and the ability to create lasting relationships with employees and managers.

Systems Engineer 4 – Application Management – April 2019 – March 2020

  • Transferred to new position in order to research, evaluate, design, implement and maintain system and product solutions by applying knowledge of engineering principles.
  • Provides technical direction and engineering support for projects and infrastructure.
  • Develops and maintains expert functional knowledge of evolving IT engineering industry technologies, concepts, and trends.
  • Full life-cycle project management in an Agile development environment.

Systems Engineer 4 – Service Transition / Change Management – April 2010 – April 2019

  • Promoted to serve as Subject Matter Expert for all LOTUS/IBM Notes / Domino administration, development, client support, system maintenance, and interoperability with other systems such as DB2 and mainframe.
  • Fully supported ITIL and Change Management system, including assisted installing software system databases, performed upgrades, and facilitated training sessions on how to implement Change Management process.
  • Acted as the key component in the Agile development environment across business teams, change management, and developers. Prepared, assisted, created, and reviewed implementation plans across business and technical teams for completeness and accuracy. As subject matter expert, traditionally did the implementations and updates.
  • Primary point of contact for developers to troubleshoot and diagnose problems including performance and capacity issues.
  • Served as both ad-hoc programmer and administrator to support both legacy and one-off solutions.
  • Implemented Lotus Enterprise Integrator controls to link systems together to improve production and communications while reducing cost, removing duplicate data, increasing availability, and increasing reliability.
  • Led software development and deployment in Teamstudio CIAO and related tools.
  • Developing presentation, support materials, and cross trained in ChangeMan ZMF, Serena Dimensions, SVN, Jenkins, GIT, and GitHub.
  • Lead Change Management process during software recovery testing during System Recovery simulations.
  • Implemented Source Code control process across backup recovery sites and implemented code to automate fail-over and recovery processes from two remote locations. This focus primarily addressed the need for rapid software deployment with minimal intervention to restore system functionality and member services.
  • Mentored and cross trained staff with development; primary author of training materials and documentation. Primary contact for documentation review

Senior Lotus Notes / Domino Administrator – Telecommunications - March 2004 – April 2010

  • Tapped for role during major organizational restructuring to serve as primary point of contact for installing database update. Updated operating systems, server components, and supported 100+ physical and VMWare virtual servers on Windows and AIX platforms.
  • Built out multiple test environments for developers, including building servers, installing server operating systems, installing applications, and applying security restrictions.
  • Served as both ad-hoc programmer and administrator to support both legacy and one-off solutions.
  • Administered cross system communication with Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI).
  • Administered user accounts, mail systems and accounts, replication, source code control, access control lists (ACL).
  • Administered Sametime and QuickPlace, and built custom applications to to connect third party products into the Domino infrastructure.
  • Maintained production, integration, quality, training, and unit testing environments; led all aspects of Lotus Notes / Domino Infrastructure including databases and mail.
  • Built Business Recovery solutions for fail-over and recovery processes. This focus primarily addressed the need for redundant server software and database fail-over with minimal intervention to restore system functionality and member services from the hardware side.
  • Collaborated with developers and provide database updates daily.
  • Installed and maintained Business Recovery

Additional Roles at Navy Federal Credit Union

Functions Analyst & Programmer – Research and Development - December 1999 – March 2004

  • Led programming solutions to streamline and automate operations. Primarily produced desktop, server, web, and automation applications using combinations of LotusScript, formula, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc to meet the customers requirements.
  • Developed innovation of new products and redesign of outdated projects and processes. For example, worked with Marketing to research, develop, install remote electronic marketing displays which are now commonplace.
  • Acted as the primary technical point of contact during the creation of the Business Recovery effort. Previously there had been no fail-over or recovery plans other than rebuilding and restoring systems from off site backups. This effort laid the groundwork for what was needed to rebuild NFCU systems quickly and restore member service in the shortest amount of time. This focus primarily addressed the need for complete fail-over and detailed recovery directions (aka detailed steps plans) to restore system functionality and member services. This was a wide spread effort across all departments.
  • Worked with National Capital Area Combined Federal Campaign to automate and pledge drives.
  • Led documentation efforts including developing standards for Business Recovery and automatic deployment of recovery information to to remote sites.
  • Web site developer for Research and Development Division.
  • Determined software-training needs, planed, developed, coordinated, and implemented personal computer training programs for President's Staff and employees.

Computer Software Training Specialist - October 1996 – December 1999

  • Directed corporate software training programs with a focus on Microsoft Office and Lotus; hosted certification courses. Served as primary point of contact for Lotus Notes / Domino System Administration and Lotus Notes / Domino Programming training.
  • Created customer training courses for various business units to support training requirements including Computer Based Training (CBT).
  • Created training manuals for, and lead workshops in, Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), Lotus Products (AmiPro, Lotus123, Approach), and whatever other custom training the business units needed.
  • Hosted and attended Microsoft Windows server configuration and desktop configuration certification courses.

  • Certification - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
    • Windows 95 Administration,
    • Windows NT Server Administration,
    • Windows NT Workstation,
    • Internetworking with TCP/IP,
    • System Administration SQL Server,
    • Core Technologies,
    • Enterprise Technologies
  • Certification - Lotus Notes Domino Administration
  • Certification - Lotus Notes Domino Mobile Administration
  • Certification - Lotus Notes Domino Application Development
  • Certification - Lotus Notes Domino Instructor
  • Certification - Net Objects

Workstation Analyst – Information Services - June 1996 – October 1996

  • Provided maintenance of software and hardware diagnostics across all departments

Life before Navy Federal Credit Union

Computer Department Chairperson and Teacher – Schulenburg Independent School District - Texas - Grades 5-12, 1992 – 1996

  • Still hold public school ExCET Certifications in General Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Teacher for Geometry, Computer Science Programming, Business Computer User, Computer Literacy.
  • Primary lead on all technology related maintenance, installation, and equipment recommendations
  • Languages include C, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, among others
  • Systems include DOS, OS/2, Windows, Macintosh


M.S. Computer Science - Southwest Texas State University - San Marcos, Texas 1989 – 1992

Primary course material focused around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Expert Systems.
Languages include Lisp, C, Batch, Visual Basic, among others
Systems include DOS, OS/2, Windows, Mainframe (DEC VAX/VMS)
GPA ~3.0

B.A. Mathematics - Schreiner College - Kerrville, Texas, 1985 – 1989

Primary course material focused on Advanced Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Programming
Languages and Systems include C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Assembly, and others
Systems include CP/M, DOS, Windows
GPA ~3.0

Hobbies and Interests

  • 3D Printing including Cosplay costumes
  • Robotics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and cluster computing) including environment security, monitoring, patrol, GPS navigation, autonomous control, and telepresence.

Designed and built a twenty unit server farm to experiment with:

Software concepts

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data
  • Distributed Processing
  • Face Recognition
  • Image / Item Recognition

Hardware concepts

  • Networking, DNS, DHCP, Firewall
  • Hadoop Clusters
  • Beowulf Clusters
  • Diskless servers
  • Blade servers
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Containers